College Leadership

The Executive team

The Senior Executive team at Woodvale have portfolios which are tailored to their strengths.  We use this collective strength to drive our improvement agenda forward and provide excellence in education for all our students. 


The team consists of Principal Mrs Fairfoul-Hutcheon, Vice Principal Mr Richards, Associate Principals Mrs Morley and Ms Geddis.

Student Services

The student services team at Woodvale are responsible for working in partnership to provide pastoral care, connection, engagement and opportunity for our students. Our mission is to build a resilient and healthy student group who can participate fully in their secondary school experience – learning and working together.  


Students and families can access assistance for social, emotional, attendance, leaning, behaviour, vocational and health concerns through our team of experts. This team consists of a Head of Year for each group, two Psychologist, Chaplain, Community Health Nurse and Learning Support Coordinator.  

Student Council

Our students are represented by elected councillors who participate in committees– leading positive action in sustainability, advocacy for the Arts and Design and community engagement. Our Council lead and manage social and fundraising events, advocate for their peers and consult with staff leaders on a variety of important issues. 


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