The Woodvale Specialist Music Program promotes the development of the whole child through participation in music lessons, ensemble rehearsals, camps, tours and concerts.  


The Woodvale Music student: 

    • Engages with various challenges and projects both within their instrumental and music classes.  
    • Participates in a range of music ensembles – four wind orchestras, two jazz bands, choirs, classical guitar ensembles, a percussion ensemble, smaller instrumental ensembles and a rock band 
    • Develops independence, organisation skills, time management and teamwork skills.  
    • Enhances learning and communication skills, creativity, teamwork, discipline, cultural awareness, respect for others, and self-esteem through personal accomplishment. 


The Department of Education Approved Specialist Music program officially accepts students from beyond Woodvale’s local area. It’s size and performance opportunities makes the program unique in the Northern corridor. Over 250 students access the program, allowing for comprehensive classroom and ensemble opportunities. This provides students placement in ensembles most suited to their abilities.


All 13 ensembles have various performance opportunities throughout the year, both at the College and on the road. There is an annual lower school music camp, senior music tour, local school concerts, performances as requested by local groups and organisations, as well as the big Term 3 concert.

The Woodvale Secondary College Music Program is the starting point of a high school career in music for our students, making them not only confident performers and therefore masters of their anxiety (and nerves), but also excellent team members, demonstrating reliability, leadership, co-operation, flexibility, empathy and problem solving.


Many of our past students are now leaders in their fields, and have commented how their time in the music program cemented their skills for the world post school.

The program is offered to students who wish to study one of the following:


Continuing instruments: flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, percussion, classical guitar and voice.


Beginner instruments: oboe, bassoon, alto saxophone, french horn, euphonium, tuba, percussion and voice.


Please be aware that students will only study one instrument as part of the program, but are welcome to study additional instruments outside of the program.


Commitment to the Program

The Music Specialist program at Woodvale Secondary College is an ongoing commitment. Students accepting a place in the Music Specialist Program are expected to continue to study music to the end of Year 10 as a minimum. There is also the option to continue music studies into Year 11 and 12 either through ATAR or Certificate music courses. 


Application Process

Students are selected for the music program based on: 

    • their already acquired performance ability 
    • their singing skills 
    • the delicate balance required to produce high quality ensembles. 

Applications for Year 7 in 2025

Applications for our Year 7 in 2025 Specialist Music Program have closed.


There is a waitlist for the Principal to review applications for these programs. If you would like to apply for this waitlist please fill in the application documents, print and hand them into our Front Office staff (all documentation must be handed in during this time).


Please be aware that applications will not be reviewed until Term 3 and will depend on availability in our timetable.


Please note you will only receive correspondence from the College if your application has been reviewed.


Postal applications will only be accepted if applicant resides outside of the Perth Metropolitan area in which case certified copies of proof of residency must be submitted.


If you have any queries please contact the Enrolments Officer on 6207 2400 or



Specialist Music Program Application Checklist

Specialist Program Information Book

Documents to be provided

  1. Specialist Music Program Application Form
  2. Music/ Tutor Reference Form emailed to
  3. Classroom Teacher Reference Form emailed to
  4. Application for Enrolment Form
  5. Birth Certificate (photocopy and original) OR
    Passport with date of entry into Australia and Visa documentation, OR Australian Citizenship Certificate
  6. Copy of an AIR Immunisation History Statement (no more than two months old)
  7. Proof of Address
    Original and Photocopy of rates notice or current lease agreement AND
  8. Two utilities bills
    Water/Gas and or Electricity
  9. 2023 Semester 1 and 2 reports

Application Documents

  1.  Specialist Music Application Form
  2. PLUS
  3. Application for Enrolment Form
  4. Classroom Teacher Reference Form – emailed to via the student’s classroom teacher.
  5. Music Teacher Reference Form – emailed to via the student’s music/instrument teacher.

FAQs - Enrolments at Woodvale Secondary College


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