We pride ourselves in engaging students in school life. Beyond classroom opportunities are available to all and students who are active participants with College life, often have a more positive school experience as they develop confidence in their own abilities and build stronger friendships. Those opportunities form the Woodvale Co-Curricular Program (WCP). 


Our Co-Curricular program sits alongside our in-class learning opportunities, and is used to: 

    • Help students develop initiative, independence and to build their leadership skills 
    • Give our students a point of difference 
    • Develop emotional intelligence of our students 
    • Build community and support our community outside of our college 
    • Have a clear record to support their academic transcript 

The Co-curricular categories are

Community Development:

Students develop their communication and leadership skills through taking on roles and responsibilities both internal and external to the College. Activities in this category can include coaching, tutoring, leadership roles or assisting with running activities at school (before school, during breaks or after school). Some specific activities the school offers include being an umpire at carnivals, State Emergency Service Cadets, assisting at Breakfast Club, being involved in Climate Clever, drama club and peer mentoring. Students may get involved in activities like surf lifesaving, attending activities like the State Youth Parliament and camps like Zero2Hero. Community development is all about building networks, working with likeminded people and improving community.

Community Service:  

We can all make a positive difference by giving our time to help others in less fortunate circumstances. While donations are needed, giving our time and receiving no personal gain helps students appreciate what they have and brings fulfilment and acceptance. By teenagers volunteering their time at places like animal shelters, helping with the Red Shield Appeal, Clean Up Australia, Habitat for Humanity, The Greatest Shave and Friends of Yellagonga, they can help others, improve their mental health and develop their own emotional intelligence 


Australia has a rich indigenous history and the country has developed into a multicultural nation which embraces the beauty in all cultures. It is through acknowledging and celebrating Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander culture and accepting people from all cultures and demographics, which makes our school Community great. Opportunities are available by joining our languages clubs, being involved in art projects and working with our sister schools in Japan and China. External activities may include participating in cultural festivals or working with external agencies to assist in the organisation of activities to promote cultural activities. 


Appreciation of the arts expands our minds and gives us a release. Students can express their skills through many mediums within the arts artistically through both physical and digitally mediums and through music, either vocally or through playing an instrument. There are many opportunities within the College for students to participate in including music performances, camps and tours, as well as Media, Drama, Art and Craft clubs. Activities external to the school that students may wish to explore are performance theatre, photography and art competitions including the Shaun Tan Art Award and Mono Photography Award. Celebration and appreciation of the Arts is fundamental to improve our world view and help us experience the world in a range of different ways. 


Being active is not only fundamental to physical health, but also to mental health. Students are encouraged to find a form of movement that resonates with them, so that it becomes the foundation of an active lifestyle. Students can both coach, umpire and play. It is also important for students to strive to be their best and participate in the interhouse and interschool swimming and athletics carnivals. Yoga is also offered for students who prefer a more mindful activity. Approximately 60% of most year groups already participate in sporting activities outside of the college including but not limited to baseball, softball, hockey, basketball, netball, soccer and Australian Rule Football. Other sporting activities students complete are martial arts, dance, athletics, archery and bmx 


Its time to break that mindset that academia is only for class and is not fun. Academic pursuits through practical activities and competitions help teenagers apply their knowledge, see the purpose behind what they are learning, problem solve and help to resolve real world problems. Academic activities can also assist students to find a career path by showing them what is involved in the realworld application of subjects they learn. Students compete in many competitions that can contribute to their record including the Anzac prize, Simpson Award, History Competition, Write a Book in a Day, Westpac Maths competition, HaSS week activities, Aurecon Bridge Building Competition, UN Global Citizen Program, Education Perfect competitions and Year 8 STEM Challenge day. Some activities that students can try at the College outside of class include mock trials, Book club, ECU Labrats and Tournament of Minds. Academic pursuits outside of the College can include Lions Youth of the Year, scholarships and Storyfest 


It is important to develop our skills, build our competence and receive effective training. Skills development encapsulates both academic and practical skills that help students grow and develop. This keeps teenagers competitive for employment and ensures that they have the necessary qualifications to progress in their chosen pathways and get involved and lead a range of activities that they may want to pursue. Some qualifications that students have access to include Keys for Life, Provide First Aid, Bronze medallion and the White Card. Other qualifications teenagers may want to pursue are Surf Lifesaving Certificate, Skippers ticket, Diving Certificate, RYA Competent Crew, RYA Day Skipper and Marine Radio Operator.  


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