Junior School

Junior School

Students in Years 7 – 8 are starting their high school journey and beginning their transition to being independent learners with strategies to deal with their emotions and skills for studying and being organised. However, research shows that the transition process takes at least two years. Our staff liaise with our primary school colleagues to ensure a seamless transition into the secondary context. Students in Junior School are taught strong study and organisational skills to ensure they enter Senior School able to focus on their appropriate pathway, study effectively and respond positively to teacher and Student Services feedback. 


We encourage parents and teachers to work cohesively to ensure students become skilled at self-management and self-regulation. Students develop social and emotional wellbeing skills as well as being able to identify and build on their strengths. Parents are invited to look at their child’s learning curve wellbeing journal and support their child’s developments.  


Woodvale has a committed pastoral care team that provides personal, vocational and social support to the student cohort.  



Junior School students undertake tuition in the following eight Learning Areas, each week:

    • The Arts
    • English
    • Languages – Japanese
    • Mathematics
    • Physical & Health Education
    • Science
    • Humanities and Social Sciences
    • Technologies

Home Room

Home Room takes place every Monday afternoon and involves a range of activities as well as assemblies and guest speakers. The program contains age related, sequenced activities with the aim of applying social emotional skills and learn strategies around self-regulation and organisation to enable them to flourish.

Junior school students work through the wellbeing activities and Senior School students use this time to meet with their mentors or to work on their portfolios.  Home Room has been well-received by students and is an evidence-based strategy that has been demonstrated to improve student wellbeing.

Events you can Attend as a Year 7- 8 Parent

Parent Information Nights are held every year and provide updates to parents in relation to what is happening around the college, the transition process and gives parents an opportunity to ask questions. We also hold a Year 7 Barbeque as a meet and greet where students can introduce their parents to their teacher. We hold parent interview nights two times a year where you can talk directly to your child’s teacher. Teachers are also available through email, telephone or via SEQTA.  


We also hold parent workshops to assist parents in developing their skills in supporting their teenage child. These are advertised through direct email messages to parents and caregivers.


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