Academic Extension & Enrichment

Academic Extension & Enrichment Program

If your child is forward thinking, creative, embraces new challenges and is a critical thinker then this is the program for them. The Woodvale Academic Extension and Enrichment Program places like-minded students in a challenging and rigorous environment and further develops their creative and critical thinking skills. The program provides students with connection in a supportive, fun and collaborative environment.  


 The Woodvale Academic Extension and Enrichment student: 

    • Engages with various challenges and projects both within the core curriculum and in the Co-Curricular program. 
    • Is explicitly taught thinking strategies to develop their entrepreneurial abilities. 
    • Cultivates a cooperative, collaborative and 21st Century approach to learning in order to reach their full academic potential. 


Commitment to the Program 

Students accepting a place in the Academic Extension and Enrichment Program are expected to continue in the program until the end of Year 9 as a minimum. 


Two pathways operate within the program—
Creative Communication and 

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) 

Creative Communication  

Within the Creative Communication pathway, students will explore various modes of communication including creative writing, multimedia productions, visual representations and oral presentations. This pathway encourages students to embrace their individual strengths, extend their imagination and encourages diverse, divergent and unique thinking in response to various philosophical scenarios.  


From Year 7 to Year 10, students will engage in innovative challenges, both individually and collaboratively, through English, Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences classes in conjunction with Co-Curricular opportunities.  

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)  

Within the STEM pathway, students will engage with experimentation, coding, environmental issues, bio and physical sciences, robotics, mathematical reasoning, materials and systems design. This pathway will extend their thinking in each of the disciplines and enrich their understanding of the world by taking them beyond the individual disciplines of Science, Mathematics and Technology through an interdisciplinary approach to develop them as future innovators. 


From Year 7 to Year 10, students will engage in activities within real-world contexts through Mathematics, Science and Technology classes, in parallel with Co-Curricular opportunities.   

Applications for Year 7 in 2025

Applications for our Year 7 in 2025 Academic Extension & Enrichment Program have closed.


There is a waitlist for the Principal to review applications for these programs. If you would like to apply for this waitlist please fill in the application documents, print and hand them into our Front Office staff (all documentation must be handed in during this time).


Please be aware that applications will not be reviewed until Term 3 and will depend on availability in our timetable.


Please note you will only receive correspondence from the College if your application has been reviewed.


Postal applications will only be accepted if applicant resides outside of the Perth Metropolitan area in which case certified copies of proof of residency must be submitted.


If you have any queries please contact the Enrolments Officer on 6207 2400 or



AEE Application Checklist

Specialist Program Information Book

Documents to be provided

      1. Either
        Creative Communication Application OR
        STEM Application
        *** Only one application needs to be completed if applying for both AEE programs
      2. Teacher Reference emailed to
        Creative Communication Teacher Reference  OR
        STEM Teacher Reference
      3. Application for Enrolment Form
      4. Year 5 NAPLAN printout
      5. Birth Certificate (photocopy and original) OR
        Passport with date of entry into Australia and Visa documentation, OR Australian Citizenship Certificate
      6. Copy of an AIR Immunisation History Statement (no more than two months old)
      7. Proof of Address
        Original and Photocopy of rates notice or current lease agreement AND
      8. Two utilities bills
        Water/Gas and or Electricity
      9. 2023 Semester 1 and 2 reports

Application Documents

  1. Creative Communication Application Form OR
    STEM Application Form
  2. Application for Enrolment Form
  3. Teacher Reference Form- emailed to via the student’s classroom teacher.
  4. Creative Communication Reference Form OR STEM Reference  Form



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