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In 2006 all State Education Ministers signed a joint national statement pledging proactive measures to improve Asian relations through education. The states are committed to the vision of Australians having the knowledge, skills and values to live, work, and contribute to a global economy, particularly with respect to the issues and factors concerning our region and the major economic powers of Japan, China, and India. 


The school is a forerunner in implementing support for these objectives through our sister school relationships. With a successful and valued agreement with Japan having been in effect for many years, and the Chinese agreement in conjunction with the City of Joondalup, Woodvale offers students a range of culturally enriching opportunities. 


Sister Schools

Aboshi Senior High School 

The sister school relationship between Woodvale SHS and Aboshi SHS emerged via the Japanese Teacher Association in 1996. The first Aboshi SHS visit to Woodvale took place in July 1997. In this group 18 students and 2 teachers came to Perth for 2 weeks. The sister school relationship officially began in August 1997, when a declaration was signed by Principal’s at both schools. (Mr Tabuchi and Mr Feutrill). In January 1998 a Woodvale SHS group went to Aboshi for the first time. 

Jinan No.9 Middle School

The Chinese sister-school relationship began in 2006 as part of a joint venture with the local government of Joondalup. The first exchange tour took place in July of that year with two staff and a specially selected group of Year 10 students who also represented Australia at the International Childrens Festival. 


Jinan in Shandong Province 

Jinan is the provincial capital of the Shandong Province of China. The city is recognised as historically significant, with scholars estimating the first settlement having been established around 3000 years ago. Jinan now has a total population exceeding 5.9 million, with 2.5 million in the urban areas. 


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