Middle School

Middle School

Year 9 and 10 are considered transition years in which students build on their skills and understandings including the development of a deeper appreciation of how best to achieve. The work the students are presented with is significantly more challenging than that in the Junior School and students are expected to consume it at a faster rate. Many students fail to grasp this and the increased amount of time required in home study in these years in order to maintain high standards in achievement. To support them we further develop their organisational skills and management of their homework time. It also is the time the College begins engaging students in planning for their time beyond high school with career planning and the development of their ePortfolio.


Woodvale has a committed pastoral care team that provides personal, vocational and social support to the student cohort.



Middle School students undertake tuition in the following Learning Areas, each week:

    • English
    • Mathematics
    • Physical & Health Education
    • Science
    • Humanities and Social Sciences


Students are also able to select 3 subject options each Semester from the following Learning Areas

    • Languages
    • Physical & Health Education
    • The Arts
    • Technologies

Events you can Attend as a Year 9-10 Parent

Parent Information Nights are held every year and provide updates to parents in relation to what is happening around the college, the transition process and gives parents an opportunity to ask questions.  We hold parent interview nights two times a year where you can talk directly to your child’s teacher. Teachers are also available through email, telephone or via SEQTA.  

We also hold parent workshops to assist parents in developing their skills in supporting their teenage child. These are advertised through direct email messages to parents and caregivers.


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